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History "Zawaia"


Lagos is an old seaport whose history goes back more than 2000 years. Its name Lagos derives from Gallic Lacobriga.


The Moors invaded the region in the 8th century, and renamed the city Zawaia (ie "lake" in Arabic). It was part of the country of al-Gharb (to the west and from which came the modern name of Algarve). The Moors are responsible for the fortification of the city and the opening of regular shipping lines.

Escape to LAGOS. 


Lagos is a historic city, full of life and located along the beautiful coastline of the western Algarve. It offers to its visitors splendid beaches, an intense night life and a historical center of great charm having managed to keep its unique and traditional side.


For the most intrepid tourists, Lagos can serve as a base from which to explore the entire western Algarve as there are many day trips that are easy to accomplish thanks to its excellent public transport network. .

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